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Benefits of Normatec compression therapy

Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage

This helps to flush toxins and waste products, such as lactic acid, reduce swelling and water retention, speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness, and reduces inflammation. When you reduce inflammation and swelling you will recover faster and improve your range of motion.


Who can benefit from normatec compression therapy?

->Athletes can benefit from using compression therapy. Athletes are constantly practicing, training, and playing games and competitions, which means that they are tearing muscle fibers, producing waste products, and increasing their inflammation in their body. Compression therapy is one tool that they can use to combat their vigorous training schedules and support their body.

->Anyone that exercises! Even if you aren't an athlete, when you exercise you are tearing muscle fibers and producing waste products that can make you sore. Compression therapy is an easy way to help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness post-workout.

->People with jobs that are labor intensive or on their feet. For instance, nurses and healthcare workers, food service workers, retail workers, construction and manual labor workers, personal trainers, and more! Normatec compression therapy has shown to help prevent the first stages of varicose veins.


Add on a recovery membership for only $14.99/month for unlimited normatec compression therapy!

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