Our Commitment

When I first built Train Your Way Fitness in 2013, I had two main goals.

The first was to change the way people approach the fitness industry, by creating an environment that fits all types of training and people. The second was to build something that allows trainers to be independent, and become true professionals in this field. I wanted to provide an environment that would allow them to be free from CORPORATE LOCK DOWN and allow them to keep the money they earn. The average corporate gym charges top dollar for their services, and in most cases the trainer keeps less than 45% of their earnings. I want to help trainers believe in themselves, become successful, and not fear independence; benefiting both themselves and their clients. We will help give you the tools to be successful, and experience the freedom of owning your own business. 


We carried this theme over to our members as well! We don't want our members to be confined to hours, contracts, or unreasonable membership dues. That's why all of our memberships are 24/7 access, no contracts, and no enrollment fees! On top of supporting trainers, we offer a unique space for individuals to be successful on their own. HIRING A TRAINER IS NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP!!

Thanks for supporting our family owned business!

Mitch and Michelle Neubauer

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