Our Commitment

We opened Train Your Way Fitness in 2013 with the goal of approaching fitness differently than what was traditionally being offered. All too often we hear from trainers that they don't feel they are getting paid what they deserve for the work and hours that they put in. We heard the same from members that they were being tricked into hidden contracts, had to pay large annual and up-front fees, and it was difficult to cancel their memberships. We have worked hard to create an environment that is the total opposite. We strive to build a community and space that is welcoming to all, non-judgmental, and a place that you look forward to coming to! We are constantly upgrading the facility and adding new equipment to keep your workout routines fresh. 

Our gym is family owned and has an in and out concept that keeps our training and membership fees affordable and flexible. We offer a space for self-employed trainers to train their clients, and we also offer 24/7 access gym memberships for anyone! We have a mixture of traditional and functional gym equipment. For more information you can go to the "membership" or "book online" tabs! 

Thanks for supporting our family owned business!

Mitch and Michelle Neubauer