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Inside the Gym

The community at Train Your Way Fitness is unlike any other gym you've been a part of. The people here are friendly and welcoming, and it's truly a place where friendships are created.


Our facility has two rooms. The front room has strength training machines, free weights, and cardio machines. The back room has free weights, functional fitness, field turf, and athletic training style equipment. We have a garage and outdoor turf that we utilize during nice weather. The entire facility has A.C. during the humid summer days. Plenty of free parking is located in the front, on the side, and in the back of our building, and we also have bike racks out front! 

Nautilus Glute Drive
Hammer Strength Iso-Leg Ham Curl
Standing Ham Curl
Hammer Strength Iso-Lat Pull
Low Rows
Hammer Strength Shrug/Dead Lift
Free Weights in Front
3-in-1 Cable/Lat Pull/Low Row
Hammer Strength Wide Chest Press
Freemotion Cable Shoulder Press
Hammer Strength Iso-Leg Extension
Keiser Spin Bike
Hammer Strength Iso-Bench
Arc Trainers
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
Some of our cardio equipment
Cybex Low Row & 1 Woodway
Kettlebells, specialty bars
Boxes, wall balls, glute bridge pads
Curved Woodway, Jacob's Ladder, Concept 2 Rowers
Back Room Free Weights
Power Rig
Resistance Bands
Back Room
Rogue Belt Squat
Torque Tank
Rogue Glute/Ham
Rogue Echo Bikes
Reverse Hyper
Specialty Bars


We have a variety of plate loaded & cable machines, free weights, functional fitness, cardio, and other miscellaneous equipment. This is not an exhaustive list.

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