Inside the Gym

At Train Your Way Fitness, we believe in offering a different twist to fitness, and we have been doing so since 2013. The environment at Train Your Way Fitness is unlike any other gym you've been a part of. We believe in being more than just a fitness facility, and we strive to build a community unlike anywhere else. We offer unique equipment, events, activities, and more! Whether you're a runner, powerlifter, bodybuilder, athlete, looking to lose weight, or coming in just to hangout, we've got something for you!

Some of the equipment we have:

-Rogue belt squat

-Rogue reverse hyperextension


-Heavy bags & speed bag

-Field turf

-Torque Tank & sleds

-Cardio machines (Stairmaster, bikes, ellipticals, treadmill, rowers, assault bikes, ski-erg, and more!)

-Weightlifting machines 


-Battle ropes, ladders, hurdles, slam balls, wall balls, resistance bands, specialty bars, and SO MUCH MORE!

Updated photos of the facility and new equipment since these photos were taken coming soon!

*New, updated photos of the facility & equipment are coming soon!! 

turf 2
back room
garage door
nate group 4
michelle pt 1
christmas party
front room 1
front room 2
lasan class