Inside the Gym

At Train Your Way Fitness, we believe in offering a different twist to fitness, and we have been doing so since 2013. The environment at Train Your Way Fitness is unlike any other gym you've been a part of. We believe in being more than just a fitness facility, and we strive to build a community unlike anywhere else. We offer unique equipment, events, activities, and more! Whether you're a runner, powerlifter, bodybuilder, athlete, looking to lose weight, or coming in just to hangout, we've got something for you!

Some of the equipment we have:

-Rogue belt squat

-Rogue reverse hyperextension


-Heavy bags & speed bag

-Field turf

-Torque Tank & sleds

-Cardio machines (Stairmaster, bikes, ellipticals, treadmill, rowers, assault bikes, ski-erg, and more!)

-Weightlifting machines 


-Battle ropes, ladders, hurdles, slam balls, wall balls, resistance bands, specialty bars, and SO MUCH MORE!

New, updated photos coming soon*

*New, updated photos of the facility & equipment are coming soon!! 

back room 2
front room 1
back room 1
front room 2

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