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Frequently asked questions

Do you have contracts?

There are NO contracts. You can cancel after just one month.

How do you cancel your membership?

Cancellations MUST be done by either filling out a cancel form at the gym OR certified mail. Cancel forms are located on the front desk in the plastic organizer in the second shelf and can be filled out whenever and dropped in the black drop box outside. We do not accept email, text, or phone cancellations. You only need to give a 1-day notice before your billing date. No refunds if you cancel after a billing date. 

Do you have squat racks?

Yes, we have a 6-station squat rack & multipurpose rig.

Do you have a trial membership

We do not have a trial membership, although you can purchase a 1-day pass for $10 if you aren't ready for a monthly membership.

Do you have any fees?

There are NO hidden fees. This includes, sign-up fees, annual fees, or cancel fees.

When do I get billed?

Billing will occur on whatever day you sign up each month. 

Do you have a deadlifting platform?

Yes, we have a deadlifting platform and 6-station multipurpose rig that can be used for deadlifting, among other exercises.

Does it get busy?

While this is a subjective question, we are not busy like corporate gyms where you have to wait for machines or not able to use them at all or have several hours of busy, rush times. We have multiples of most machines and equipment and only about a 1 hour evening rush between 5-6PM M-TH, with Monday and Tuesday evening being the busiest. On the other hand, we have one of the most affordable and flexible gym memberships in the area so it also isn't a private gym experience, and we are somewhere in between. We recommend scheduling a tour during the time you like to workout. 

If you have additional questions, get in touch today.

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