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Personal Training

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Mitch neubauer

owner & founder

Mitch has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with a variety of different people, ranging from young athletes, those looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just simply feel better and get more comfortable in the gym!


Mitch enjoys keeping sessions unique and fun so you don't get bored and enjoy working out, while still helping you progress. He believes in sustainable fitness, so you can stay healthy long term. 

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Dr. Michelle
neubaueR D.c.

Chiropractor & Personal trainer

Michelle has been personal training since 2017, while also getting her Doctorate of Chiropractic, specializing in women's, prenatal & postpartum health, hormone and nervous system balancing, and functional nutrition. 

Dr. Michelle loves working with people from all walks of life, but she has a particular passion for women's health. She loves helping empower women in the weight room and helping them feel comfortable, while reaching milestones and goals they didn't know they were capable of. 

In addition to personal training, she offers nutrition coaching, chiropractic, and functional medicine services to help you learn how to take care of & properly fuel your body. 

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Intense Training
Intense Training

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to get comfortable in the gym. You will learn proper form, how to use machines, and how to push yourself more than you thought was possible. No membership is required for personal training, but you will only have access to the gym during your sessions.

30-minutes: $40/session

45-minutes: $55/session

We do not have any contracts for personal training

Intense Training

Nutrition Coaching

Adding nutrition coaching to your personal training sessions is a great way to stay on track and reach your goals while you aren't at the gym! 90% of your goals will be reached by what you do outside of the gym everyday.

What's included:

-1 hour in depth health consultation

-Realistic goal setting

-Education on balanced meals, food labels, eating out, etc. 

-Customized nutrition plan recommendations

-Accountability with food diaries (either tracking in an app or photo diary)

-Unlimited email check-ins

-Meal ideas and recipes

-Meal plan & grocery list

-10% off Supplements!

$299/first month

$199 for subsequent months

Nutritional Cooking

Discovery call


Get high quality supplements! Did you know supplements are not regulated by the FDA? Most supplements found in stores have not been 3rd party lab tested or the methods that they use are not transparent, so many supplements either have contaminants or don't contain the amount of ingredients stated on the label. Receive 10% off supplements using the link below.

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