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  • 24/7 access!

  • No contracts--easily cancel anytime with no hassle!

  • No enrollment, annual, or other hidden fees!

  • No trainer needed!

Online sign-up Instructions: *NOT CURRENTLY DOING ONLINE SIGN UPS

  • Click sign up below

  • Fill out your information

  • IMPORTANT: make sure you fill out the barcode ID section as this is how you will have access to the gym. If you don't then you will not have immediate access to the gym. (We can always add one on after your purchase, but your access to the gym just may be slightly delayed). It can be any 8 or more numbers, you will not need to memorize this. Avoid repeating sequences like "12345678" or "1111111".  See instructions below for accessing your barcode.

  • Enter your card information and complete purchase

  • Once the purchase is complete you will receive a welcome email that will have some basic guidance for the "rhinofit" app. (iPhone: "rhinofit" and Androids: "rhinofit 2.o").

  • Please add a picture of yourself to your profile so we know who you are! (Once in the app click your name, my profile, the red action button, and add picture). You can also email or text us a picture of you if that's easier and we can add it on for you! 

  • If you for some reason receive an error or oops message follow these steps

    • ​​download the rhinofit app

    • sign in using the email and password you created

    • click the icon with 3 white lines located at the top right of the app

    • select "buy memberships" from the drop down menu

    • complete your purchase

How to find & use your barcode (see screenshot below)

1. download the rhinofit app

2. login with your email and password

3. click your name at the top

4. select "my barcode"

5. Scan your barcode where the red light is to the right of the front door handle

6. You should hear a faint beep

7. wait 2-3 seconds for the louder click, which means the door is unlocked

If you have any problems with your barcode do the following:

1. Make sure your brightness is turned up (especially during dark times of day when our phone auto-dim).

2. Make sure your billing is updated. If your payment doesn't go through the system will lock you out.

3. If you're still having troubles call 612.564.3247 at anytime! If we don't answer right away text the same number immediately after with your first and last name. 

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