RhinoFit is the software company we use for memberships, and their app is how you will access the gym. The door is always locked, so you will need to do this before going to the gym for the first time. You must sign up for a membership first under our "memberships" tab before logging into the app.


For iphone users it is the "RhinoFit" app (make sure you do not download the deluxe version), and for android users it is "RhinoFit 2.0".


The app allows you to do the following:

  • Track your workouts

  • Track your check-ins

  • Track your bills

  • Purchase a membership

  • Access the gym (via your barcode)

  • Change your card on file (although you cannot cancel your membership via the app)

  • Add a picture of your PHOTO ID (required for online sign-ups)

Main menu




1. BUY MEMBERSHIPS: This is where you can purchase a membership if you've cancelled your membership in the past and would like to rejoin, previously did a day or guest pass, or anyone that has already logged into the rhinofit app before.  The normal online sign-up will not work for you if you have already logged into the app previously with us or it will create duplicate profiles. 

2. REPORTS: This is where you can look at your past payments/bills.

3. KNOWLEDGE BASE: This button can help answer any other questions that you may have in regards to where to find things in the app or how to use it! Some of them may not apply to our gym since we don't use all of the features that the app offers. 


How to use your barcode:

1. Scan your barcode where the red light is to the right of the front door handle

2. It takes around 2-3 seconds to unlock, please don't forcefully pull on the door. This can break the door.

If you have any problems with your barcode do the following:

1. Make sure your brightness is turned up so the scanner can read your barcode (especially during dark times of day when your phone may auto-dim).

2. Make sure the barcode is lined up with the scanner, and is not scanning a different portion of your screen. 

3. Make sure your billing is updated. If your payment doesn't go through the system will lock you out. 

4. Make sure you completed all steps for your membership if you just signed up. We can help you with this between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM.

5. If you're still having troubles call 612.564.3247 at anytime for emergencies. We have other ways to get you in if need be.


*If your payment has not gone through or your steps for your membership weren't completed, we will not let you in after hours. We can help with these issues between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM. 

Add a photo

RF change photo.jpg

The photo must be a valid ID with a visible birthdate shown! The ID must match the name of the person listed on the membership.

If you have any troubles uploading a photo it may be because the file is too big.

You can try upload from a computer on the rhinofit student website: https://my.rhinofit.ca/students/ (same username and login for the app).

If it still doesn't work for you, send us a photo directly via email or text and we will upload it for you. 

Update Card on file