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Dr. Michelle Neubauer D.C.

Lake Minnetonka chiropractic

Dr. Michelle has always had a passion for helping people with their health. She started out as a personal trainer and nutrition coach before receiving her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. She then did continuing education in Functional Medicine to help people address their health concerns that traditional, western medicine hasn't been able to give them the answers to. Some of the areas that she helps to manage:

  • Hormones (sex hormones, endocrine, thyroid, etc.)

  • Digestion (SIBO, gut health, IBS, etc.)

  • Weight loss

  • Infertility, preconception, perinatal, and postpartum health

  • Healthy lifestyle


what to expect

Functional Medicine services are not covered by insurance, although we do accept HSA/FSA cards. If labs are needed, you may be able to utilize your insurance, but that is dependnt on the lab facility they are ordered from and your individual benefits. This is not guaranteed. Payment for services are the responsibility of the patient and is expected at the time services are received. We do offer payment plans for services, although labs must be paid at the time of ordering. 

Initial Health Consultation

We will dive deep into your past and current health history to work towards finding the root cause of your concerns. Then, I will create a recommended treatment plan that may include recommended tests and labs, dietary changes, supplements, exercise guidelines, and other lifestyle change recommendations. This will be scheduled for 60 minutes.

Second Appointment

Let's get started! During this visit we will go over your tests and labs, your recommended lifestyle plan, and any other questions you may have.

Follow Up Appointments

These follow up appointments are a great way to check in and see how you're doing. We may make any necessary changes or adjustments to your plan. You will also get unlimited email check-ins during this process.

Nutridyn Supplements

Get high quality supplements! Did you know supplements are not regulated by the FDA? Most supplements found in stores have not been 3rd party lab tested, so many supplements either have contaminants or don't contain the amount of ingredients stated on the label. NutriDyn is a local, medical grade supplement company. 

Schedule a Phone Consultation

Find out if functional medicine can help you with your goals! Select "discovery call" from the menu.

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