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This fee includes:

>Case Review & Research

>First & Second Visit

>Lab interpretation

>Treatment Plan
>Discounted labs & supplements

>Access to the “Healthie” app & communication between appointments

Follow up visits

>15-mins: $45

>30-mins: $90
>Full Re-examination (typically 6-12 months after initial): $225

Healthy Salad
Pilates Workout

Investment faqs

>We are not in network with any insurance, but we do accept HSA/FSA.

>Some labs may be able to be covered by health insurance, but this is not guaranteed.
>Payment plans for services can be broken into 2 or 4 payments (2 payments of $250 or 4 of $125).
>Labs & supplements must be paid in full at time of ordering.

Meditating Together


Functional medicine requires not only a financial commitment, but also a time commitment and dedication to changing your lifestyle to create long term changes.

Please understand that being consistent is necessary for healing. Now that’s not to say that you have to be perfect, I would NEVER expect that from anyone.


Healing isn’t always going to be fast or linear. Fast results don’t always equate to long term success, and most of my patients start to see changes after around 3-4 months of consistency, although each person is different depending on the severity of the case, how long it's been going on, etc. 

Meditating Together
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